Wedding Breakfast – What will you eat?

Formal Dining Wedding Breakfast

Formal Dining


A formal meal is a popular choice for weddings. Having the meal served to your guests at tables, allows for a uniformed experience and works well if you are working to a schedule.


You will need to create a seating plan for your guests and think about table centres and place cards.


The traditional three-course meal remains a favourite with a starter, main course and dessert, however some are choosing to have their wedding cake served as the dessert instead which can save on costs.

Buffet Wedding Breakfast



A buffet meal is a great alternative if you have a lot of guests or want to offer a choice of different food dishes.


Having guests serve themselves from the buffet station creates a relaxed atmosphere and allows your guests to mingle with each other. With less focus on a schedule, guests can eat at their own pace and fill their plates according to their own appetite.

BBQ Wedding Breakfast



Perfect for a Summer Wedding, a BBQ meal gives you the freedom of a buffet in the great outdoors.


There?s nothing better than seeing and smelling your food being cooked fresh on the BBQ. Have a station set up for breads, salads and condiments and allow your guests to soak up the Summer sun with a fun and relaxing style menu.


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