The Ultimate Guide to Interesting Wedding Venues in London

By Admin | December 1, 2017 |

Thames dinner cruise

Choosing an interesting wedding venue like a Thames dinner cruise speaks volumes about a couple’s love, dedication, and originality.

Consider the case of The Ruffers. U. S. Navy member Dylan Ruffer couldn’t wait to marry his high school sweetheart, Madison Meinhardt, while stationed overseas in Syria. Meinhardt made his dreams come true with a surprise wedding in the Reno airport, the second he stepped off the plane.

Not a lot of newlyweds would pick an airport as their dream wedding venue. This alternative wedding venue was the perfect testimony to The Ruffers’ undying dedication. Taking the same time and care in choosing a wedding venue that speaks to a couple’s particular relationship sets the foundation for a lifetime of memorable stories and a deep, abiding bond.

Here’s a guide to some of London’s most interesting wedding venues to help newlyweds-to-be celebrate their unique union.

The Ultimate Guide To Interesting London Wedding Venues

To help deliver some wedding day inspiration, here’s a guide to some of London’s most interesting wedding venues.

How To Find The Best Interesting Wedding Venue

Finding the perfect wedding venue requires a bit of soul-searching. Budget, number of guests, and religious or cultural backgrounds are just some of the things that need to be kept in mind before settling on a wedding venue.

Talk To A Planner

Wedding planners are like the accountants of the romantic world. Yes, we could all file our taxes each year. Yet there are countless loopholes accountants can take advantage of to get the maximum return each year.

Wedding planners know the best wedding venues and how to secure them. They also know the best times to schedule a wedding for a good deal and any manner of touches to make a wedding a day to remember.

Choose A Venue That Matches The Marriage

For adventurous couples that fell in love on the hiking trails, perhaps a nature setting might be most appropriate. Or did they meet on a cruise? A lovely Thames dinner cruise will bring that memory to life. It’ll also make the foodies in the wedding party happy.

Choosing a suitable venue also removes the awkwardness of trying to fit into a ‘traditional’ church wedding, if that’s not their speed. There’s a lot of religions and cultures out there, and finding a religious venue that will appeal to everybody can be challenging.

Consider The Budget

A wedding is the beginning of a couple’s lives together. Is it really a great idea to start that idea saddled with debt?

A lot of younger couples are going with smaller, more intimate weddings to focus on their love rather than the glitz and glamour. On the other hand, other couples are spending more than ever on weddings, going for their own royal nuptials.

There’s no right or wrong answer. Just what each couple is comfortable spending and what aligns with their values.

Interesting Alternative Wedding Venues

From getting married in a music hall to a Thames dinner cruise, these unique nuptial destinations will surely make a lasting impression.

The Royal Exchange

Anyone would feel like a member of the royal family in this gorgeous venue in London’s city centre. The soaring, vaulted ceilings are like something out of a storybook. With a dedicated canape area and the ability to accommodate up to 250 guests, a wedding at The Royal Exchange is guaranteed to be a royal affair.

Chandos House

Host your wedding and have your honeymoon in one go at this gorgeous Georgian townhouse right off of Oxford Street. The Chandos House makes for a timeless, classic wedding venue, having been built in 1769. Nothing helps set a marriage up to last the weathers of time like celebrating the union in a historic venue.

Wilton’s Music Hall

For the music lovers, Wilton’s Music Hall is the oldest surviving grand music hall in the world. Built in 1859, this majestic building has been home to movie stars, vaudevillians, even the occasional pop music video.

A wedding set in this prestigious-yet-still-intimate venue is sure to resonate throughout the marriage. Love is a grand symphony, why not showcase it in a suitable setting?

St. Stephen’s Hampstead

For those with a secular background but wanting a church wedding, this deconsecrated church in Hampstead is a dream come true.

St. Stephen‘s has only just reopened to the public after decades of disuse. Seeing it light up with candles at dusk will conjure a feeling of nearly religious awe in absolutely anybody, no matter their background.

Islington Town Hall

Sometimes it’s tempting to just run away and tie the knot at the local town hall when feeling overwhelmed. Why not make that town hall as lavish as possible?

This 1920s Town Hall offers a slightly more modern affair, while still being classic and timeless. It also caters to civil unions and same-sex marriages, so absolutely everybody can celebrate their love in style and class. They cater to wedding parties of all sizes, as one final benefit.

A Thames Dinner Cruise

There are so many wondrous things to see in London, it’s hard to pick just one interesting wedding venue. Why not go with a Thames dinner cruise and see as many as possible?

A Thames river cruise will take the wedding party beneath the London Bridge, past Big Ben and the House Of Parliament. Dinner and symphonic music are included in the fare, making this an excellent choice for a one-stop-wedding.

It’s also a great way to see many of the charming sights London has to offer, in case people will be visiting from out of town.

Choosing the perfect interesting wedding venue sets a marriage off on the right foot. It celebrates the unique, distinctive love in the hearts of the newlyweds. It reminds them they are setting off on their own adventure, rather than merely retracing someone else’s footsteps.

Choosing an alternative wedding venue is also an easy way to cater to a mixture of backgrounds. Why not pick a wedding venue with something to offer for everybody?

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