River Thames

Why Choose the River Thames

Treat your guests to a magical journey through the heart of London, as they sail along one of London's most greatest assets.
Cruising past the Houses of Parliament, the Globe theatre, the Tower of London and through Tower Bridge provides a wonderful new perspective to these famous historical sites, combine this with the modern architecture of the London Eye and the Shard, and you have a truly amazing backdrop to your event.
Whether you are planning to cruise during the day or in the evening, the river Thames will not disappoint.
The river Thames is 215 miles long, making her the longest river in England and the second largest in the UK.
Throughout history the river Thames has played important roles in trading, shipbuilding and leisure.


An Unforgettable Wedding Location

Hosting your event on the River Thames allows for the unique ability to embark and disembark from a Central London Pier of your choice.


You can choose which Pier you would like your guests to board the boat and where you would like your guests to disembark, these can be different Piers. Most vessels can sail between Putney and the Thames Barrier, however some of the larger vessels are restricted by tides. ?It is recommended that you allow the Captain to do a tide check for your event date and times to ensure that we can travel to your desired destinations, prior to confirming your cruise.? Some Piers are privately owned, which means that they cannot be used and others are run by LRS Pier Masters.?


All Pier slots are subject to availability so we ask that you do not send any invites until your requested Pier slots have been confirmed back by the Pier Master.



If you think of London you think of the iconic River Thames. Set sail on the river with an ever changing backdrop as your wedding venue.



The crew will be on hand throughout your cruise to ensure that you and your guests receive a first class service no matter how big or small.



Take time to enjoy the iconic views along the river as you set sail past the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Tower Bridge, the Docklands and the Millennium Dome.


Let us help you to plan your perfect day on the Thames